Eaton Canyon Treatment Programs

Upon admission to Eaton Canyon Treatment Center, our qualified staff will design an individualized treatment plan to identify and address the issues causing each individual to self medicate sustaining debilitating addiction. Our ultimate goal is to treat the addiction by educating each individual on the disease concept, thus arming them with the tools of recovery to sustain a sober long lasting quality of life.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment consist of on-site 24 hours intense treatment. Our treatment program consist of, but not limited to, the following treatment components: individual and group counseling, individual and family therapy, process groups, anger management, relapse prevention workshops, lectures and other behavioral modification tools conducive to long term sobriety. Our clients are subjected to realistic comprehensive discharge planning to ensure the necessary re-entry connections with their respective support groups.

Drug and Alcohol Education

This educational curriculum provides each individual with information to understand the disease concept in addition to the acute effects of addiction. The educational process recognizes destructive patterns: targets relapse prevention, effects of prolonged alcohol and drug abuse. In addition, the therapeutic process explores issues and feelings as they surface utilizing several techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy’s as well as group processing.

Introduction to 12 Step Philosophy

All individuals are educated and exposed to the 12-step philosophy, outside 12 step meetings, meditation, recovery book studies and in house meetings as part of their treatment plan. Individuals will also have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate the 12 Step program into their life to accomplish long-term sobriety in conjunction with the educational curriculum.

Individual Therapy

As a part of our programs, small and intimate settings, each individual will work with a primary counselor who develops an individualized treatment plan developed from the information utilized during the ongoing assessment process. Due to the intense individual therapies that allows the client to identify the underlined issues. This will allow the achievements of goals outlined in their treatment plan to be identified and addressed appropriately.

Individual Family Therapy

Addiction is a disease that profoundly affects not only the individual but also his or her family members. Our programs offers weekly individual family sessions to allow all concerned family members the opportunity to begin their own process of healing. Through the family sessions, each will learn about the disease concept in an effort to reconcile the unsettling family dynamics, resulting from the individual suffering from addiction and a pathway back to a healthy and accepting family component.


Clearly, not all individuals whom suffer from addictive related issues can be reached; much less treated successfully by way of religiously orientated programs. Nevertheless, the introduction of spirituality is introduced to all individuals as a degree of motivation with positive results, comparable to those who have failed without understanding the effectiveness of a spiritual connection. We offer guided meditation groups within their recovery process to acquire the understanding of a Higher Power or development of personal spirituality.