Treatment Center Client Testimonials


Below are the personal words from some of our graduates acknowledging the effectiveness of the treatment services received at Eaton Canyon Treatment Center. They reflect their present growth and commitment to their new way of life, while also reflecting their dreams and expectations of a clean and sober life. The staff at Eaton Canyon Treatment Center feel that these comments reflect the majority of our residents.

From David C., Alcohol Addiction 1/2/2016

For seven years, I was a prisoner and active volunteer of my addiction. I had lost all control, self-esteem, hope and love of any kind. Not only did I lose all control of myself, but I also had no sense of direction. After leaving a 28-day program, I came to realize that 28 days would not compare to my seven years of using. I had to find a long-term treatment program and God directed me here to Eaton Canyon. I have now gained back some of what I lost emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. This place has also showed me how to love myself and my fellow man for the values and individuality of each one. The miracle of this treatment center has not only allowed me to become a part of society once again, but has also brought a cleansing and caring breath to my soul.

From Ronnie W., Prescription Drug Addiction (Painkillers) 6/2/2015

After completing detox, my family searched several treatment facilities and were not satisfied. Luckily a friend mentioned to my family his successful treatment experience at Eaton Canyon. After my admission to Eaton Canyon and successful recovery I’m now clean and sober with a new wife & son. Eaton Canyon has provided me a springboard to jump back into mainstream society without fear and with hope for the future.

From Brenda B., Marijuana Addiction 8/2/2014

I had been using marijuana consistently since the age of 15. I’ve tried several treatment programs all of which were unable to help me with my addiction. My employer referred me to Eaton Canyon Treatment Center where finally I was able to identify the issues in my life that were causing me to self medicate. Their therapeutic approach and addiction education gave me the tools necessary to sustain my long-term sobriety.

From Scott G., Alcohol & Codeine Addiction 11/22/2013

I went from being raised in a very strong Christian home to rebelling against God, who I thought had turned his back on me, by many years of alcohol and drug abuse. My drug and alcohol abuse left me homeless, with my family gone, walking the streets alone, isolated and ready to die. Then, in a rare moment of clarity, I called my little brother and asked for help, a call that eventually resulted in my being here at Eaton Canyon, where my life is being restored to clean and sober sanity.

From Tom N., Cocaine Addiction 4/13/2012

First off, I’d like to say that my stay at Eaton Canyon Treatment Center has been the best start for me since I began my sobriety one year ago. It has given me a foundation, a place to bond where I can talk about things in life that are upsetting me or bringing me down. This place has also given me my sobriety & self-respect back. The staff have been very understanding and loving towards me. For me this is not just another treatment center, this is a home of love, which is something that I have not had in quite a long time.

From Devin R., Methamphetamine Addiction 5/8/2014

Before I came up to the Eaton Canyon Treatment Center my life seemed hopeless. No other treatment centers or sober living facilities did much to arrest my disease. I was admitted to Eaton Canyon Treatment Center after yet another relapse with my addiction and found a very serene environment where a program of action is a requirement. With the help of an enthusiastic effective treatment staff and a wonderful group of people, I’ve been able to make some serious progress in again becoming a sober productive member of community & father.

From Tisha D., Opiate Addiction 10/24/2014

I came to Eaton Canyon after having lost my apartment and everything I owned, along with my dignity and self-respect. I had been living in the streets when I called my grandparents, who took me to a local treatment center for their 30-day program and I relapsed on the 31-day. The staff there recommended that I enroll at Eaton Canyon Treatment Center which would provide a more aggressive treatment due to dual diagnosis. It’s now been six years since coming to Eaton Canyon and I can truthfully say their treatment program saved my life. The warmth and serenity found here is like nothing I have ever known. Their amazing staff taught me how to become a sober responsible adult again.

From Charlie R, Alcohol Addiction 9/15/2013

I came to Pasadena from New York in search of recovery from my addiction of alcohol and to continue my music career. I called the local A.A. Central Office and they referred me to Eaton Canyon Treatment Center. There I was accepted into the community with open arms. Eaton Canyon taught me the tools of recovery and a new design for living. It’s given me a framework to work with while I continue on my recovery and my career.

From Michele G., Alcohol & Marijuana Addiction 3/9/2015

Eaton Canyon Treatment Center has given me a structured, supportive environment in which I can begin recovering from alcohol and drugs. There exists a camaraderie involving people who sincerely care about one another and are honestly concerned about each other’s problems. Their counseling, therapy and group sessions techniques were very effective. We went to 12-step meetings together, read and discuss the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, meditated and prayed together, and generally help to promote each other’s recovery.

From Chris C., Alcohol & Benzodiazepine Addiction 5/8/2015

I came to Eaton Canyon after 20 years as an alcoholic and addict with no sobriety. When I entered the treatment center, I didn’t think anyone could help me. But there exists a special warmth in this facility and it grows on you — it has pulled me and many others back from the gates of death. Today I’m clean and sober with a promising future.

From Manuel V., Alcohol & Cocaine Addiction 9/27/2014

Before coming to Eaton Canyon Treatment Center, I lived a life of drunkenness, addiction, womanizing, stealing, fighting, corruption, domestic violence and damage to myself and almost everyone around me. Here we have a fellowship like no other. There is a love in this facility that you cannot explain until you are here. By listening to everyone’s experience, we know that we are not alone and that being sober is “oh so sweet!” My recovery process was like no other, after attempting treatment several times. Now my life is changed and I continue to give thanks to the staff at Eaton Canyon Treatment Center.

From Grant G., Alcohol & Opiate Addiction 9/13/2011

Eaton Canyon is, in every sense, a house of God. I came here after a period of sobriety during which I’d suffered misfortune in my personal and business life. I wanted to try sober living but was directed to a more therapeutic environment to address my chronic relapse & depression. However, I never expected to encounter the experience and knowledge I found at Eaton Canyon. This facility and staff gave me not only a place to live, but also friendship, support, education, spiritual development, love and peace to maintain a sober lifestyle. Thank you!

From Iain M., Alcohol Addiction 9/3/2015

I grew up as a member of an upstanding, middle-class family in a small California town, and yet I started drinking at age five. By the time I was 12 my disease was full-blown and in the next ten years my disease took me to places worse than any nightmares. Through a series of events I can only attribute to my Higher Power, I arrived at Eaton Canyon a broken man, morally and emotionally bankrupt. Despite the fact that I had never felt comfortable anywhere in my life, I was immediately at ease in this facility. I have been able to start on the road to recovery in a facility where serenity soothes my nerves, and understanding of my disease. God has blessed this facility and blessed me by allowing me to be a part of it.


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